does anyone know if the this year's international escrima arnis kali tournament is occurring in Vegas or in Cebu

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I believe so.

I'm checking on it i think there was already a las vegas tournament this year.

the other part is i'm a little confused on the 2 different Wekaf organizations.

There will be a tournament in the Philippines and there will also be a tournament in Las Vegas on July 16-20, 2012. For more information go to the WEKAF USA website or to their FB page.

Thank u sir!

The WEKAF International World Tournament that is being sancationed by SGM Diony Canete and the Philippine Government is being held in Cebu, Philippines in July 2012.. The so call WEKAF world tournament being held in Las Vegas, Nevada is NOT..., let me repeat... Is NOT SANCTIONED by SGM Diony Canete and or the Philippine Government.... Please go to WEKAF USA, Inc., on facebook or to our website to find out more information regarding this situation.....

You can also go to my facebook at Alfredo Bandalan and read the whole history regarding all of WEKAF...

Just a note to everyone.....

 Please Note that WEKAF USA Inc., is the one and  ONLY TRUE WEKAF USA...!!!

The WEKAF USA-Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation, incorporated by Mike Turk Is NOT the same association and or organization.... Nor are they being sanctioned by WEKAF International in the Philippines...


Thank You,

GM Alfredo Bandalan Sr.

WEKAF USA Inc., Incorporator as of 2008

(408) 310-0101


This is not true, Fred. The WEKAF committee have not sanctioned this. WEKAF USA is the official representative.

However, due to the ongoing ridiculousness (displayed by your post - it would seem you just added an "Inc" to the end - in 2008???), I believe that there will be an alternative competition for all those who are fed up with the money making games and greed that has made WEKAF events less and less enjoyable for the fighters.

From it's being refused Olympic status in 1984 (and I think we both know why, don't we, Alfredo), to the constant 'making it up as they go along' non-ratified decision makers (why your claim to WEKAF is so controversial).

Many countries have now had enough and are going for a more acceptable, open and honest approach.

This will be the organisation for fighters to turn to if fighters want a fair fight, without ridiculous politics, extortionate prices and biased judging.

It's rules and regs will be evolving in a democratic way to create an environment that puts the fighters above those making money out of them.

WEKAF's saving grace was the fighters and the camaraderie, and I fully expect those to disappear as the teams that held it together move on.

We feel it is unfortunate for all involved, that actions were taken that "in our opinion" were clearly unlawful according to US and CA law, clearly violated the Constitution of WEKAF, slandered and libeled people who have continuously worked the hardest to promote WEKAF, it's stated goals, and it's events, and have caused problems for all of the legitimate, dues paying members, along with alienating many international members and countries. We feel it is unfortunate that due to all the untruths that have been disseminated worldwide claiming our members and officers were guilty of wrongful acts by the very people that had actually committed them, that we feel it is necessary to pursue all legal actions to "clear our names and reputations", and clearly assign the blame for all of these events to those responsible. Unfortunate but necessary.

Information regarding our legal status as WEKAF USA in the United States, a letter was sent to this organization dated May 16, 2010 to cease and desist by Mr. Wade regarding the usage of the name. Many have seen the letter which was posted and distributed without our consent. Our letter of response was sent dated May 21, 2010 with facts and documents attached regarding our rights as an organization that the opposing organization neglected to post on their website. The link below is a second demand letter to stop the usage of WEKAF USA Inc. by Mr. Wade's client as an infringement of trademark rights of WEKAF.
If you have any questions regarding this issue, you may contact our legal counsel.

And yes....Mr. Tormey is an attorney to answer Loretta (Lori) Fydrych's claim that he's a paralegal. 

Peter Tormey
Antero & Tormey LLP
201 Spear St. suite I100
SanF ranciscoC, A 94105
Email :

Information regarding this ongoing issue can be found on our website:

Ah... Peter Tormey LLP.... Please correct me if I may be wrong... But Doesn't LLP stand for Limited Law Practice.......??  I do believe that I am correct on this matter. And isn't it interesting that back in May 2010, that my Corporate attorney Mr. Wade sent you (Gabe Rafael at the time) and your group a Cease and Desist letter. Which your group failed to recognize. And you in turn responded on your own, using your title as USA Director. Not under the guidence of an attorney... And how is it that you state that you have more claim to WEKAF International, 1989. When I in fact was one of the original founding memebers. Anyone can go back and see that my signature (Alfredo Bandalan), along with SGM Diony Canete, GM Dong Questa, GM Richard Bustillo, GM Patalingho, Master Steve Wolk, along with a few others are the people whom signed the original By-Laws for WEKAF International. 

And in regards to your claims that I have made money on WEKAF. This is false information. I have NOT. I had only incorporated WEKAF USA under the instruction of my superiors and the trademark owner of WEKAF International SGM Diony Canete... And the reason why I had been asked to carry out the Incorporating of WEKAF USA, is due to the facts that when others were instructed to, they failed to due so.

Yes, it is very sad that things have had to get to this point. And yes, we are heading down a road that is leading to serious legal matters. Which is quite unfortunate for all concerned. But everything that I have stated over these past several years are facts. And I have everything  to prove it in court, in the event that this all leads to that. So as I have sad before. Be very careful what you say. And make sure that you have your facts straight. Which I might add you surely do not. Because anything you say can be held against you in court..... And if anyone would like to contact me .... Please feel free to do so... you can all reach me by calling me at (408) 310-0101. Or you can email me at You can also connect with me on my facebook page under Alfredo Bandalan. As I have Not in any way broken any laws or slandered anyone. As everything that I have stated are facts.... And when you state facts... that is not considered slander... 

SGM Diony Canete and his son Gerald Canete sent out a letter on January 2, 2012 in regards to his feeling about the ongoing confusion around WEKAF USA, Inc., and here it is clearly stated that he is validating everything that I have said regarding the history of WEKAF. So are you (the Journals group), calling him now a liar...???  As I have said people ... I have always stated facts and nothing else. I did not incorporate WEKAF USA, Inc., for personal gain... I incorporated WEKAF USA, Inc., due to the undignified, and dishonor, to the WEKAF USA non-profit group, that was dropped and lost it's legal status by the IRS... And in order to correct and to save the integrity of the WEKAF name. And in hopes of bring it up to a good standards once again I (under the instruction from an Attorney & SGM Diony Canete), incorporated WEKAF USA, Inc. .. The whole truth will all come out in the end... And it is sad to say that there will be several people out there that will be taking a very hard fall. But the truth I can guarantee will all come out in the near future. Due to ongoing legal issues I cannot go into futher details.


Thank you,

GM Alfredo Bandalan


LLP in the United States could be limited liability partnership.  Wikipedia has the following:



A limited liability partnership (LLP) is a partnership in which some or all partners (depending on the jurisdiction) have limited liability. It therefore exhibits elements of partnerships and corporations.[1] In an LLP, one partner is not responsible or liable for another partner's misconduct or negligence. This is an important difference from that of an unlimited partnership. In an LLP, some partners have a form of limited liability similar to that of the shareholders of a corporation.[2] In some countries, an LLP must also have at least one "general partner" with unlimited liability. Unlike corporate shareholders, the partners have the right to manage the business directly. In contrast, corporate shareholders have to elect a board of directors under the laws of various state charters. The board organizes itself (also under the laws of the various state charters) and hires corporate officers who then have as "corporate" individuals the legal responsibility to manage the corporation in the corporation's best interest. An LLP also contains a different level of tax liability from that of a corporation.





2 questions.

1 - Is WEKAF USA Inc a non-profit and are the books of WEKAF USA Inc open? (if so where can we all get a copy) - you can post it here :)

2- why was the WEKAF board of directors (that are the recognised decision makers of WEKAF) ignored?

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