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how many of you train in inosanto kali or have trained in it i just started last week and the hardest thing for me is the trapping is this a common area to have difficulties 

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If you understand the JKD Wing Chun basic trapping structure you might better understand it in his Kali. The Pak Sao, Lop Sao, Blu Sao, the concept is to control the centerline by intercepting traps. Then when you go with the baston you can use the backhand punio for a start to bait your practice partner. Trapping can be integral but first keeping it simple would be your best bet to understand it - also use the Hubad-Lubud drill to get constant repeatition. Many, systems uses trapping a lot in close quarter combat to name a few Cacoy Eskrido, Doce Pares, Balintiwak, Mondern Arnis and definitly a lot of Silat arts. Hope this helps - David


All the close quarters techniques in Kali with and without the weapons will be a little harder to do.

As your weapons skills improve, you will see the trapping also become easier. Good luck in your training,

The Inosanto blend will keep you busy for years to come, Guro Dan's base of information is amazing!



if you've never done it, it can be difficult to pick up.  trapping is common use in FMA too so be patient.  3 days isn't enough time to fully understand what you are doing.

to add...learn the basics.  i can't emphasize that enough...basics, basics, basics!!!


ive only had 3 hours of training so far hows the bladed hand coming along 

even more so then.  patience. :)

it's coming along well.  almost there!


I agree one of the things that helps many people with the trapping skills is sinawalli training . most people find that it helps with coordination and hand speed.
Most of all give yourself time trapping feels uncomfortable to a lot of people due to the fact that you are holding and hitting at close range

Hello Chase.  Yes it can be difficult at first, learning the how's and why's of trapping.  but it won't take long and you'll "feel" it.  My advice it to pick a couple to start with and once you have them, branch out a few at a time until you build your base. 

Hang in there, it's worth the work!

Harley Elmore

im not training right now my instructor was unprofessional so im looking to start at a different training center in about 5 months


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