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How effective a FMA practioner  as far as (  combat is concerned ) can one hope to become with little teaching, much practice and the watching of others via video,  and sparring with different size indivduals?

Notice I said little teaching, not any teaching. I tend to come from the school of thought that most learning comes from self llearning.  Miyamato Musashi's " The Book of Five Rings"  teaches this to some extent. All of the things I've learned and retained I've learned on my own through little teaching and lots of repetititon. I don't get to train with my instructor as much as I would like but I do train with him. However, I tire of the endless katas at times as I feel they bring little value to my over all  combative skills.

I have a mook jong to assist me with sensitivity training and to help me work on my form. I try an train with different size individuals to help me  figure out what works and doesn't work for my body type. (I'm a big guy but slimming down daily) Plus I also watch alot of training dvds.


So that 's my question. Also what has been anyone else personal journey here in regards to training?

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You've got that right! Every time I go to learn something "new", it seems like I have to start over.

I know that i am lucky that he lets me train



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