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I ask that everyone read the letter from SGM Diony Canete and his son M. Gerald Canete. Also please read the information regarding the Truth & History of WEKAF.

Hello All, I ask that you please read the information that I have provided regarding the WEKAF situation.  I also ask that you help me in support the Filippino Martial Art and WEKAF through out the USA and the world. With this being said I also ask that you help me spred the truth in what has been going on and support SGM Diony Canete in the WEKAF  World Tournament that will be held in the Philipinnes, July 2012. As the Journales group has not been following proper protocal with-in the martial art community, His seniors and elders..... Thank you

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This is not ratified by the WEKAF board. It's not really valid, is it, Fred.

Hi all,

R.Moore has posted and closed the posting so I could not reply but I do agree what he said, "Do not add to the fire" and I said before I'm not for any of the groups but stated what the websites are posting. These are my references:


What I am looking for is for the two groups to unity as stated in their 'mission statement'.

Hello Martin Castle,

Yes, the letter that is dated January 2, 2012, was sent to me by both SGM Diony Canete, and his son Master Gerald Canete, from the WEKAF International Organization. SGM Diony Canete is the Registered owner of WEKAF International, and the DOCE PARES Organization.

 So the answer to your question regarding if this post is valid....???

My answer is YES, this is a valid letter, that is direct from SGM Diony Canete and his son Master Gerald Canete.

If you should have any further questions regarding this, you may contact iether one of them to confirm this matter.


GM Alfredo Bandalan

I'm sure you have seen this video. It's Diony swearing in the WEKAF Board of Directors.

Founders or not, it is the BOD's job to make decisions - Not the founders.

Your letter isn't valid, because the decision makers are the B.O.Directors.

What point is there in contacting Gerald or Diony? they are not the Board of Directors, they may have a voice on it, but it is a BOARD, and NOT a Dictatorship.

So according to you GM Bandalan that Supreme Grandmaster Diony Cañete owns WEKAF International?

"SGM Diony Canete is the Registered owner of WEKAF International, and the DOCE PARES Organization."

See this is where I was wrong.  I thought the Members owned and govern WEKAF International not Doce Pares?  So why call it WEKAF and just call it what it is.  Doce Pares Tournament?  Why pretend that this is an organization that welcomes ALL schools and styles when we all have to live under the DOCE PARES rules.  

Mark you ask why were not unifying? is saying that the WEKAF belongs to the members.  WEKAF-USA inc is saying it belongs to the Grandmasters.  My reference see GM BANDALAN's comments.



You can educate me in this WEKAF issue
because you came up with a good topic,
WEKAF USA Belongs to the member and
WEKAF USA, Inc belongs to the GM.
And you mention WEKAF has the rules
of Doce Pares and it should be called
Doce Pares Tournament. As my understanding
Doce Pares has there own tournament which
was held last July. As I recall, the first Doce
Pares World Tournament was held in Vegas.
But before it was called Invitational and held the
same time as the WEKAF World.

In your opinion will there be a compromise
Between the too. As you can see the only people
debating on this is WEKAF USA board members
and GM Bandalan. Doce Pares is being dragged
into this political issue. Without the foundation and
guidance of SGM, WEKAF would not be around.
Plus, the new World Tournament that is being
held in Las Vegas the same time as the World
Tournament in Cebu is unfair and disrespecting
 to the founder. So, why don't the new World
Tournament change the name of the organization
to something else besides, WEKAF USA.
Don't you think members will be confuse to which
is the true World Tournament. And why is there
other countries following WEKAF USA, is it the
influence the B.O.D. has promising what they
can offer, like rank promotion.

Please educate me (members) of what is really
going on.

Here is something interesting:

October 15, 1988First National USA Eskrima Kali Arnis ChampionshipsSan Jose, California
First Eastern USA Arnis ChampionshipsJersey City, NJ
Note:The two tournaments were made possible through theall-out assistance & initiative of Arnulfo Cuesta, Fred Bandalan, Edward Abinsay, and Leo Fernandez
August 11-13, 1989First World Eskrima Kali Arnis ChampionshipsCebu City, PhilippinesIt was during this tournament that the World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation (WEKAF) was organized. He was elected Charter President


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