Greetings and Mabuhay to all FMA practitioners/brothers and sisters in the arts!

This is the official announcement from GM Yuli Romo and the Bahad Zu'Bu organization regarding supposed representatives of the GM and his art.

We would like to address the issue of former students of GM Yuli who no longer represent or are affiliated with GM Yuli and Bahad Zubu in any way and lay to rest any misconceptions their group and their continued use of GM Yuli's name and art may have caused. Despite repeated requests for them to stop using the Bahad Zubu name, the group calling themselves the Bahad Zubu Alliance continues to use the name and art with no consideration or respect to GM Yuli and his core group of practitioners.

Two years ago the GM's former secretary resigned his position within the organization because of his unwillingness to cooperate with the GM as well as the other instructors representing Bahad Zubu. All attempts were made to facilitate a peaceful parting of ways on the part of the GM by simply requesting that they do NOT use the name of the GM or his art in reference to what he was teaching. This person verbally complied with this request but did not follow through on his word.

He then formed the Bahad Zubu Alliance alongside a Wing Chun instructor. This organization has no affiliation, connection or approval from the GM and they are no longer recognized in any way as competent representatives of GM Yuli's concepts/methodologies of training. The framework of what they teach is a mixture of Wing Chun and an outdated format of what GM Yuli taught many years ago which he now considers obsolete - due to the fact that what he is constantly developing is designed to counter that which he has previously taught (as this would ensure the evolution of the art). Aside from this, the Alliance instructors have a very limited overall understanding of Bahad Zubu material and its applications.

Although he lived in the Philippines for a few years, the former secretary would never practice with GM Yuli or the seniors on a consistent basis, except with those who would take the time and kindness to travel to him. He was never a dedicated student of Bahad Zu'Bu as he constantly continued his training in Wing Chun. The other "senior" instructors mentioned on the Alliance site never stayed in the Philippines for more than a month at a time and never had an extended DAILY training experience with GM Yuli.

Not to say that the individuals mentioned are without skill, in regards to the art of Wing Chun they are both very knowledgable and capable instructors with a deep understanding of the history and culture of the Chinese arts.

Anyone affiliated with or are connected to the Bahad Zubu Alliance do not have permission to reference in any way, the name of GM Yuli Romo or the art of Bahad Zubu. They are no longer in good standing with GM Yuli himself or any of the true core students of BZ, although they were once REPRESENTATIVES of the GM, they HAVE NEVER BEEN regarded as competent or knowledgable instructors to the standards set by GM Yuli to be recognized as "seniors" of the art. "Seniors" are considered only for those living in the Philippines who experience DAILY training with GM Yuli for an extended period of time and are able to display an in-depth knowledge and understanding of his updated methodologies and principles so as to be acknowledged by GM Yuli himself as instructors of his art.

"Bahad Zubu" Alliance and "Bahad Zubu" Taiwan, Alliance Combat Escrima, Alliance Combat Community or any other group and/or instructor claiming or using the name/logo extending from this lineage are thus not recognized by GM Yuli Romo or any of his core group of students. The "Bahad Zubu" Alliance are teaching a syllabus and philosophy that is not in accordance with the essence of the art, and furthurmore there was no agreement made with GM Yuli and the Alliance regarding continued use of Bahad Zubu, the logo or the name of GM Yuli.

For additional evidence of these findings: any forum/blog post made by this individual with Bahad Zubu as a reference is in no way associated with GM Yuli Romo or the core Bahad Zubu group. Incidentally, all the digital signatures on his posts from as far back as 2008, indicate "Bahad Zubu Alliance", even before this group was established (in 2012). These posts are being used to redirect traffic to the Alliance website by using the name of GM Yuli Romo and Bahad Zubu.

Please feel free to contact the Bahad Zubu organization via the official website if there are any questions regarding the validity of any instructors claiming to represent GM Yuli Romo in your area.

or the official Facebook Page:

or you can contact GM Yuli directly via his personal Facebook account:

This thread serves as an official announcement for GM Yuli Romo and the Bahad Zubu organization, no comment or debate will be entertained. If there is any feedback, input, comment or suggestion to be made, please be civilized enough to send a personal message.

You are all welcome to train with GM Yuli Romo, and should you make the choice to search him out, you will train with one of the last true masters and not only learn the true Filipino Fighting Arts, you will also meet the REAL students of Bahad Zubu.

Many thanks to all at pugay po sa lahat!

Guro Norman Adefuin - International Secretary, Bahad Zubu International

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