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A very close friend of mine re-posted a video called "Extreme Stick Fighting".  It showed two guys in the woods with virtually no protection, fighting full contact.  My point however is not that I agree or disagree with what they were doing but it's about the typical outcome of most full contact stick fights in general.


I've seen individuals go at it until one guy gets tired of getting hit and then decides to charge in on his or her opponent and begin to grapple.  This is a common habit that I've seen mainly in the United States but have never seen FMA practitioners in the Philippines do.  Maybe I just haven't seen enough full contact challenges in the Philippines, I don't know for sure.  I used to fight full contact with a head and face protector and padded gloves but neither myself nor any of my group members would take the fight to a grappling stage. 


I couldn't imagine two individuals with swords going to a grappling stage but again it could just be my lack of experience.


So my questions are,


1.  Is this method only used by certain groups in America?


2.  Did the idea come about because a FMA teacher wanted to mix FMA and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu?


3.  Does an individual take it to the grappling stage because their stick fighting skills are not up to par?


4.  Do practitioners in the Philippines agree or disagree with this practice?




Zach Jenkins

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great reply!! thanks for the props!

I truly beleive in cross training and being functional in all ranges. Just in case your main defense does not work.

We train in the Corto range, and medium range but will always default to Largomano when it come down to it.

we also have instructors that cross train us in grappling, boxing, kickboxing & jkd.

we spar constantly to keep our skills sharp.

Training is the key to success in combat.




When two people fight with sticks, grappling will always come into play. In the case of the losing guy, he will grapple so not to get hurt with the stick anymore. With the winning guy, he will grapple so he can force submission without harming the losing guy too much.

I think its just how some people feel they need to train.  Me personally, I have always been about longevity in my training.  I want to be very old like many of the great masters and still be able to train.  I am also mainly concerned with how I perform if I were put in a situation where I was forced to defend myself or someone else.  As a professionsl law enforcement trainer, I am always thinking about the level of force I use when I train; therefore, I tend to practice escaliting and de-escaliting my techniques.  I am a firm believer that when under stress we all default back to what we have practiced the most.

I've seen real fights where the Tanods, as we call them, they're night watch only armed with olisi or garote breaking their take downs by utilizing our techniques like ligwat or dikabra all movements resembles like Eskrido that throws or locking any grabbing attempts and taking them down to the ground. It is famous in corto fighting where your opponents will be frustrated because of inability to strike back as corto eskrimadors like to control the hands that holds the weapon or trapping the sticks to disrupt it's ability of striking. I am surprised that it is not being instructed in some system in the FMA. It is a complete system, sticks, blades, all kind of impact weapons, conventional weapons, layug, pangamut, hilut or masahe, oracion, panagang sa barang! a lot to mention!
Igso Zach,

It was done a long time ago when Eskrimadors like to wage war, duel or challenge one another. Well, I am sure that they are more careful and civilized now. Back in the days it was ugly, no protection or head gear nor gloves, all out fight to prove their system is the best among other system. We should the history of each system, I am sure they're are many good accounts back in the old days! Right now? some system in Cebu still challenging other fighters from other system. Still the same old habit in Cebu never fades. Try to ask some members of the Doce Pares, Balintawak, lapunti group, they might have some stories to tell.

very well said.. these 3 groups are still active in duel.. lapunti, doce pares, and balintawak.. but mostly from bragging rights..


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