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Hi I'm Grandmaster Rogers founder of Kwa Asilia Avita Sanaa, Former UFC tournament winner Guy Metzger sent this picture to Bas Rutten after he had a fight with a guy with a knife! When will people learn that the martial arts are much more than the boxing,kicking, and grappling of combat sports competition.



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I respectfully disagree. Most untrained people with weapons/knives are unpredictable. In an agitated state they are more aggressive, stronger, faster, meaner, and more determined to cause damage. Only gross motor function is needed to cause grave bodily harm or death by the use of a knife. They are un-inhibitted by moral conscience, have no hesitation to injure or kill, and definitely no respect for human life or the law. 

So far no one has said they've viewed "Surviving Edged Weapons".

In a study conducted by the US military, and average 'Joe' (5 feet 6, 150 lbs. and no training) with a knife was pitted against a 200 lb., 6 foot, karate black belt, soldier. I believe this study was conducted in the 1970's.

The soldier was to disarm 'Joe' and incapacitate him. All thought this would be a "no-brainer, and the soldier would easily prevail. However, after 10  attempts by the soldier to do so, 'Joe' killed the soldier 10 times.

Point taken. That is why I professed that it DEPENDS on the individual who is holding a bladed weapon. In analogy, if a child is holding a knife, can we not disarm that child? Or say, a woman who is holding the same to scare off an attacker? There is no such thing as a superior martial art. Only a superior individual. Thanks for your comment. :-)

I think MMA has gone to some practitioners heads. Last summer I co-promoted an amateur Muay Thai competition. The host gym is an MMA gym, and supplied one-half of the opposition. I supplied most of the other half. They were competitors from a strictly Muay Thai gym. I warned my co-promoters they needed to better prepare. Instead, the attitude I got was, we're MMA fighters, we can handle anything. Let's just say the outcome for the MMA fighters was not pretty.

Recently I watched an African man protesting in Africa. He was unarmed and defiant. When the police tried to arrest him, he resisted. Out came the night sticks. This man must have been cracked with atleast ten full power blows, and never flinched. Sadly, an officer drew his gun and shot him in the chest. After being shot he continued to fight. The officer shot him again, he went down, but was helped back up. He began protesting again, and walking around. Another man put his arm around him, and a picture was taken. In his face you could see the protestor's shortness of breath. He collapsed after the picture was taken, and died. He wasn't a violent man, just a civil disobediant. IMO, there was no need to shoot him.

Us FMA's like to believe our stick blows will drop a man like a rock. It's likely most of the time they will. Same is true of those who rely on firearms. However, with the time it took for that man to become incapacitated, he could have returned fire, or swung a machete.

This whole tragedy saddens me. However, it's a reminder of how hard it can be to overcome a dedicated and violent (not in case above) attacker.

Even the MMA fighter who unknowingly faced the knife, kept his mind in the fight to prevail. We see the price he paid. Fortunate for him the knife wasn't as deeply slashed across his abdomen, instead of his hand.

I like what Peyton Quinn has to say about any hand movement toward yourself. Always treat that movement as if the hand is holding a knife.

Maestro Guro Dave

This sounds like the amputeed gladiator in Monty Python's Holy Grail. I've faced knives twice. Just hit the guy while being aware of the blade. You're martial artists. You're (meant to be) faster than the guy and focused on vunerable, easy targets.

IMHO, if one is taught to knock people our with punches etc. that's not combat. Too many can take a good shot to the jaw. Not too many can take shots to the eyes, neck and throat.

Just looking at Youtube and other sites, there's too much fear and too many tricks being taught/shown off. It's this simple; a guy pulls a knife, kill him. Even an accidental cut to the throat can kill you. This is not hand-to-hand where a mistiming means you wake up the next day with a black eye, this is knife awareness, you may not have a next day. 

As someone said earlier, awareness is everything. I've done a few FMA styles but my favourite one is very, very basic and teaches 2 assumptions in a fight:

1: Even if you cannot see a weapons, assume the guy is armed.

2: He has friends ready to help. 

Ok where to start? There are so many what ifs to question. First Mata guru Battaglia I do have a copy of surviving edged weapons I got from when it first came out. It's a great reference and I use it often as an example in seminars. Second I love watching mma but let's be clear IT IS A SPORT a game played with rules it is not martial arts. IMO what I teach when dealing with weapons weather it be stick, sword, or knife your first option always is to try and get away unharmed... Ummm run...I know not always an option. In which case you use stepping maneuvering to create distance between you and the attack this means the opponent must reach to hit you giving a better Target for you to attack . If possible you should acquire a weapon to counter with to attack the individual and apply stun strikes elsewhere to distract and injure. If you don't have that second to get a weapon and have no other getaway then to use emptyhand techniques to control them while stunning to face and eyes then taking opponent off their feet or disarming them. I teach and love disarms but with understanding its almost a last resort. As has been said a good strike to the arm works great.. especialy with a sword DIS......arming your opponent.. I think the biggest mistake people make is in not judging the correct distance to apply techniques. Disarms no mater what the weapon should never be attempted at beyond critical distance or largo mano. Only after timing and a stun is applied and you can enter to a trapping range or sumbrada. There is so much to say and practice in this area that can't be done here.. especially from my phone lol..with out a doubt one of the most important real life things for us to practice in our martial arts. Controlling critical distance dealing with a knife.. the most commonly carried weapon in today's society. Great subject. Thank you. Master Robert Small

Hello, that is a serious cut...going bare-hand against a knife is serious business...I know this through first-hand experience...if you go to my profile and check my photos, I posted a picture of my hand/wrist after having it stitched up at the hospital after a knife attack...people really need to be aware of the danger that edged weapons present...I didn't even know that I had been was dark in the club I was doing security at, and I thought the guy threw a punch at me...I didn't notice it was a blade until the club lights gleamed off of it in the dark...I think I may have just been lucky that night...

With respect to all, 

Guro Ollie


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