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Hi I'm Grandmaster Rogers founder of Kwa Asilia Avita Sanaa, Former UFC tournament winner Guy Metzger sent this picture to Bas Rutten after he had a fight with a guy with a knife! When will people learn that the martial arts are much more than the boxing,kicking, and grappling of combat sports competition.



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Nasty looking cut. Personally I think the best against defense against a knife is a gun. A certain self defense expert with many DVDs out says he has done the prison stab against against many masters including Filipino master and none could defend against it. Any comments on this?

Were the people he stabbed at allowed to strike back or just be defensive?

At close range a knife can definitely beat a gun. Check out this technique:

Just jump to 4:28

IMO, there are no definites, either way.

Is this Guy's hand or the other guy? Who had the knife?

It's Guy's hand.  I read the article on Yahoo.  Guy came to the defense of a lady who was being abused by her 150 lb. boyfriend in public while other people just watched.  Guy said the man attacked him barefisted first but after getting dropped three times, pulled the knife out and started swinging at him w/ the blade.  Police pulled up as Guy was pounding the assailant on the ground and almost arrested him til they found out what was going on.  Guy did not realize how bad the cut was until he got to the ER cuz he had it covered to stop bleeding.  By now, Guy's surgeon friend has worked on it.

Yeah, many people think they could catch a knife! Hahaha! I am a Filipino and I practice eskrima but I am not a strong believer of empty hand versus knife. Fancy disarming techniques have 5 percent of a chance!

I have been training with and in the defense of bladed weapons since the 1950s and I must say that this young man is lucky to be alive.  This picture is definitely worth a thousand words!

People have to practice awareness and avoidance. It's noble of this man to help the woman, but he should have had a counter-weapon, and put an obstacle between him and the knifer. Using verbal commands from a distance or saying the police are here may have been a better way. Domestic disputes are highly volotill and very dangerous. If her life wasn't in immediate danger, he could have covertly called the police.

Everyone who is serious about defending him or herself against blades should watch "Surviving Edged Weapons" by Calibre press. 

Guro David...according to the article...Guy had told the troublemaker that he called 911.  That is what sent the guy into a rage and attack.

That's why I suggested he call 911 covertly. I've done this in two similar situations and it's worked..

Apparently, the assailant was already shoving the girl around which prompted Metzger to step between them wherein he was attacked.


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