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I was out for awhile due to health concerns but am anticipating being back in the fight again soon.…See More
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Hello All,

There is going to be an interview with FMA historian and martial artist, Dr. Mark Wiley this FRIDAY.

Google released a new interface for conducting Google+ Hangouts on Air and we are in the midst of making sure that we have all the technologies down cold.

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Dr Mark Wiley will be discussing his travels all over Asia, including to Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Indonesia where he learned internal medicine and martial arts..

Dr Mark Wiley is a Filipino Martial Arts Grandmaster, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and Filipino Martials Arts historian.  He has decades of experience and qualifications in acupuncture, TuiNa, clinical QiGong, herbal medicine, Thai Yoga massage and muscle energy technique.  He is the president and founder of, "Integrated Eskrima Systems."  He achieved a rank of Master Instructor under the legendary GM Angel Cabales, the highest rank under GM Angel Cabales, which was only given to 16 people.

Dr. Mark Wiley has written no less than seven books on Filipino martial arts and we are going to ask him some questions about those books today.  He has also written hundreds of articles, served as an editor for Tuttle Publishing, Unique Publications and Multi-Media Books, and served in various editorial positions for Martial Arts Illustrated, Martial Arts Legends and the Journal of Asian Martial Arts.

Dr. Mark Wiley has teaching credentials in Biñas Dynamic Arnis (under GM Herminio Biñas), Kalis Ilustrisimo (GM Antonio Ilustrisimo), Estalilla Kabaroan Eskrima (GM Ramiro Estalilla), Lightning Scientific Arnis (GM Benjamin Luna Lema), Cinco Tero Arnis (GM Carlos Escorpizo), Modern Arnis (GM Remy Presas) as well as in Ngo Cho Kun (GM Alex Co) and Wing Chun Kuen (GM Robert Chu).

Books that we will be discussing:

* "Filipino Martial Culture," Mark V Wiley, Tuttle Publishing; 1St Edition edition (1996 - 1997)

* "The Secrets of Cabales Serrada Escrima," published in 1994 & 2000, by Tuttle Martial Arts.

* "Filipino Fighting Arts, Theory and Practice," Mark V Wiley, Unique Publications.

* "ARNIS, Reflections on the History and Development of the Filipino Martial Arts," published in 2001 by Tuttle Martial Arts.

* "Mastering Eskrima Disarms"  (New Book Released, February 14, 2013 and is available now.)

Hello All,

We will be airing live soon.  Refresh this page after 12:30PM EST to see the interview.  All systems are a GO at this time.



Hello All,

The entire interview can be watched by clicking on the embed YouTube Player in this page.  This weekend, I will begin editing the video, adding images sent to me from Dr Mark Wiley, and will re-upload the video to YouTube, and place a link back here on for you to watch.



Very interesting interview.  I hope people take the time and listen regardless of their personal opinions and backgrounds. 

Hello All!

For those interested in Dr Mark Wiley, he is a member of now!  Send him a friend request and then ask any questions that you have regarding his work in Filipino Martial  Arts.




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