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Since around 2006 I planned on putting on a Muay Thai show. I had to start from scratch, from training the fighters, buying a ring, planning the show, and finally having it with a co sponsor.

From the beginning I found a lack of honor and integrity among the coaches and fighters. I had my fighters do a smoker first. One of the opposing fighters coked up before the fight.

I started working with a promoter in 2008, who failed to provide names of fighters for my fighters. My fighters decided to pull out and I supported their decision. The promoter banned them from his shows and began threatening me.

While in an MMA gym, one of the young athletes said, "We don't have to bow to anyone, we're MMA fighters."

Recently, I held my first Thai show on Aug. 19, great show, but the co promoter took the money and ran.

I watched an interview of Maywether tonight. He's so full of himself, I don't know how he can eat dinner.

I'm really beginning to think most of these guys are a bunch of nuts.

IMO, when you have fighters going at it, trying to knock each other out, a certain type of individual gravitates toward these type of sports. I don't want to say every pugilistic athlete is like this, but I think the majority are. Many of the coaches are former fighters. 

I believe two major things are contributing to this. Most of these fighters are not taught their sport with any kind of humility. This has to start at the top and trickle down.

The other problem I see is the immersion in to a culture of violence, greed, and win at all costs.

I've heard of this problem in pro football, too.

I'm beginning to think I want to wash my hands of all this. It's ashame because it hurts the honorable coaches and athletes by denying them an opportunity to showcase their talent. Also, it helps provide a safe outlet for some of these aggressive types.

I'm grateful for the instructors that shared philosophy and positive application to daily living, along with their art.

What positive or negative experiences have you to share?


Guro Dave

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"I watched an interview of Maywether tonight. He's so full of himself,..."

In general all great boxers have been full of themselves, that what makes a great fight.Boxers such as Ali, Tyson, Duran, Chavez, Leonard, Hagler, Hatton, Foreman, Frazier, and Holmes all had some degree of being full of themselves. Even Ortiz has some degree of it. Hopefully, the fight will live up to its hype.


In respect to your experience, there is the old saying, "money is the root of all evil". So you can decide to wash your hands of all your aspirations or you can decide to be "full of yourself " and use your pitfalls as lessons to proceed to promote, associate, accumulate talent even if you have to humble yourself to reach your goal one step at a time.

Al, I like the way you think. It reminds me of the saying, "Winners never quit, and quitters never win." Since writing that above piece, one door closed, but another door opened.

"I'll be back." 


I hate to say it Dave but I think it has a lot to do with modern culture .The old school fighter / athlete with the spirit of acting like you've been there before and making your parents and teacher proud is almost exict .



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