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I had been studying arnis since 1984. One day a contemporary showed me Paul Vunak's first Stick video and knife video. I never looked at FMA the same since.

What video expanded your insight in to the FMA?

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Dog Brothers Martial Arts and Sayoc Fighting Systems, did help me.

Still looking for training partners in or around Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Really liked the Crashing the Lines series. Not only did it expand my knowledge of the stick, but was also highly entertaining.

I use to collect VHS tapes and CDs but it got expensive.  I do not even know if I have a working VHS player anymore.  My first videos were of course those by Bruce Lee, then I started to specialize and have some from Panther Productions like "Arnis, Escrima, Kali, Double Stick Techniques, Volume 2, Starring Filipino Master Arsenio Advincula."  Most of the VHS tapes that I had are at my folks house in the attic!  Hahahaha....


When I lived in Silicon Valley and Stockton, temporarily, I was able to see some of Guro Carlito Bonjoc's never before seen videos, and that was a treat!


My most recent video collection is based on what I can find at YouTube.  The directory took me hundreds of hours and months to develop.  I looked at all different types of fighting techniques, and then collected only what I thought that were realistic and that could be used in a fight.  I have not been keeping them up this year but they are a great start in to what is out there.



Vunak rocks.  I have some Vunak material at YouTube.




Forgive me for digressing from you topic abit.  For me it was not any videos that expanded my insight into FMA but the experience of having been able to practice several Arnis systems.  Different instructors and players brings about many perspectives, insights, attitudes, training methods, strategies, and tactics.


In all, it has been a very very humbling experience.

Videos by the following artists:

Dan Inosanto

Larry Hartsell

Remy Presas

Kelly Worden

Bram Frank

Edgar Sulite

Felix Valencia 


In between instructors, I bought a lot of tapes. Some of them were ok...


In '93 I started my FMA in Serrada which was very fun. I liked the Highlander series, and one episode was really special to me-"Duende". It showcased the Spanish style of La Destreza, and they played Espada y Daga with Rapiers. That one episode got me HOOKED. I bought every tape on Espada y Daga I could order, but nothing really came close to what I saw. The only thing that looked similar was the Serrada I was already studying...


In late '98, I found DeCuerdas w/ Arthur Gonzalez. One night after class(and many beers) at Terry Joven's school, Arthur talked about the sword & dagger of his system. He didn't show us anything, but when he spoke of walking the circle and using angles, I knew I had stumbled on what I was looking for. I'd already seen it on the Highlander episode.


Not long after, I was introduced to the DeCuerdas version of Cuentada. With it's bulldogging attitude, it fits my personality to a "T". Again, one night after class, we went to Terry's house, beers & food, and watched instructional vids. Terry popped in Bobby Taboada's Balintawak. When our GM saw him move, he said he could feel his spirit through the tape! LOL! But I understood what he meant. It was like watching my instructor on video. Taboada moves with a commanding spirit. 


I also bought Terry Gibsons' Maphilindo Silat series a long time ago. The material, based out of a "Boxing Matrix" as he said, makes the techniques pretty damn applicable. The information in those tapes allowed me to acclimate fairly easily into my current system of DeCuerdas.


Sorry for the biography.


Thanks for the honorable mention Bro!



Are you kidding Terry?!  I owe you for so many things!


u know your like a brother to me!



I have CDs from the Original Giron group too, and they are great.  Bobby Taboada is great.  I think Terry was hiding those vids on me Justin!  Hahahahaha, just kidding.  When I was at Terry's I rarely or never watched martial arts videos.  But I do recall practicing singing on the karaoke machine. 


Terry, are the Multistyle group going to produce any CD videos? 





we are working on our iffilate program right now. i beleive dexter & june are working on something... but we would prefer people come to stockton to get the real thing

thanks for all your thoughts & support!

U need to came & visit u can hand out just like the old days!





I appreciate your invitation.  I am writing a book, maybe two and I am going to see if I can get in to another career or at least supplement my earnings so that I can go back to Silicon Valley.  If I manage that I will definitely be headed back to seeing all of you.  I will never forget how you all took me in and made me feel so welcome.  The organization top to bottom is filled with not only superstars but really kind and generous people.  ALL of you were great.  Stockton is a very nice place to live and visit.  Probably one of the most unique places that I have ever visited.




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