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I had been studying arnis since 1984. One day a contemporary showed me Paul Vunak's first Stick video and knife video. I never looked at FMA the same since.

What video expanded your insight in to the FMA?

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The Dog Brothers Real Contact 6 video tape series taught me so much.  For FMA, these are still my favorites - instructional and if you see it taught you see it fought.  Great series.

 While Live Training is always better than a video, I look at watching video trainings as sort of classroom material. I take notes, study over and over- for me it helps to intellectualize what I'm doing.

That being said, my favorites are Ron Balicki's Philipino Boxing series, Dan Inosantos "Definative Dumog," and Guro Suzanne Luna Spezzano's "MADJAPAHIT SILAT."   I just recieved the KSK Martial Arts "Single Stick: Phase One" dvd, and while it didn't blow my mind or anything, it did present the material we are expected to learn in this stage of our training in a well structured, easy to follow way- and it has already benifeted my training.

I like seminar clips.  Most of the instructional DVDs I've seen aren't worth the disc they are made on.

The best instructional FMA DVDs are the ones made by your instructor so that you may review and refine information that has been already learned.  As far as reviewing other instructional DVDs I personally view them as entertainment. I am not trying to say there is no value in FMA instructional DVDs especially for those enthusiasts that have no access to a live instructor but unless they are well-versed in the system that they are looking at, only basic techniques and concepts will be learned.

Now for those FMA practitioners that do have FMA instructors of considerable knowledge is it necessary to seek out other instruction by DVD? If yes, then find another instructor. But in actuality, your instructor needs to find a new student.

Good point Al S. about DVD's for students. I have my own series of DVD's and students reviewing the material at home after they learn it in class is a huge help. I can easily tell the students that study at home vs. those that only study in class. They improve much more quickly.

Great Blog!

Personally i have been heavly influenced by Vunak & Grody!

On another note please check out the videos i have uploaded from Lee Gagnon fron the UK. We are currently adopting his empty hand curriculum and he has been very kind to put a lot of his basic curriculum on the internet to assit Bahala Na Multi-style Escrima in their training!

Very good stuff well explained and demonstrated!

My firste xposure to FMA came via guro Inosanto's Tortoise videos, and those really got me interested. Out of many video's I ahve seen and obtained later, I would say Dog Brothers' stuff really changed my attitude and installed a kind of "filter" or the gauge use on all others. Recently, I truly like the videos by Dave Gould of Lameco Eskrima and the older ones by PG Sulite.


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