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I had been studying arnis since 1984. One day a contemporary showed me Paul Vunak's first Stick video and knife video. I never looked at FMA the same since.

What video expanded your insight in to the FMA?

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Hey Justin, for some reason I remember being there as well, good times. With Terry BBQ and Beer just go hand in hand.LOL

That what I'm talking about! LOL!

Terry, Now I've got to come to Stockton to train and eat. LOL.
Anytime sir!
Thank you.
...and watch instructional videos.
I remember those times as well and they were great.  Terry, the Bahala Na, and Guro Carlito Bonjoc, knew how to be genuine hosts.  The Filipino community was great.

I always find it really hard to use video material: live experience is obviously far easier to learn.

However my best references so far are the DVDs from Master Dani Faynot: concept oriented more than technic focused. Having already a live learning experience with him makes it obviously easier to understand the conveyed messages.

Have fun!

I have studied many videos over the years: Remy Presas, Dog brothers, Dan Inosanto, Paul Vunak, just to name a few, and i have benefited from all of them to some degree. Currently I have been picking apart Dan Andersons videos and have found them to have a lot of content, clear explanations, and plenty of material for me to keep exploring and working on. He offers some great drills that i have included into my current training and curriculum.

There are plenty of videos out there, however there are few good *instructional* videos. I have many, many FMA videos and while I can learn from them, it takes a lot of effort. For sheer quality of instruction in videos there are two people I give a big thumbs up to. First is the BJJ combatives series by Ryron and Renner Gracie. The instructional methodology is second to none.


For FMA, nobody beats Dan Anderson when it comes to teaching through video. Rather than just clips from a seminar, his instructional videos are specifically directed to teaching FMA concepts and principles rather than just demonstrating a bunch of techniques. But then, what else would you expect from the guy who wrote the definitive teaching text on sparring technique 30 years ago and it is still one of the best selling martial arts books of all time?

My two favorite video instructional teachers are Steve Grody and Dan Anderson, they both just happen to do FMA.

What I like best about them is they are good communicators of the information. There are many people who can do but there are few good teachers.


For empty hands Steve Grody's Kali 1, 2, 3 from Unique Publications.

My class room Kali went through the roof after working with these videos.


For single stick.

Dan Anderson's FAST TRACK 1 & 2 are top shelf.

Not just a collection of techniques but a well communicated logical progression a complete newbie could understand.

This is essential stick. If you are new to stick these videos are the best. If you are instructor for stick this is a great teaching progression.





I have great respecto for Grody, as well ... he's a instructor's instructor!!!!!!!!

I got to watch him ... from a distance teaching at Inosanto's school ... I had an eye infection and couldn't participate ... after Steve finished his class ... the students were all over him as he walked outside ... he was still instructing on the spot ... even on his way back into the school ... I knew then, never having seen, nor heard of him before ... that spoke loud'n clear his abilities & knowledge.

After returning home to West Virginia, I saw his face on the internet ... remembered seeing him & began checking out his videos!



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