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A Letter From Supreme Grandmaster Diony Canete regarding WEKAF USA & the WEKAF International Tournament. ent out March 9, 2012



Please read this letter everyone.... It will tell you all, where the standing of WEKAF International & WEKAF USA Inc., is. And please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have..

Thank you,

GM Alfredo Bandalan Sr.

(408) 310-0101

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Yes, that is true... There are two sides to every story... But the interesting fact is the Bong Journales group countinues to state, that they are and were the first WEKAF USA. Which this is indeed false information.!!. And here you have a letter straight from the Philippines. This letter is from a person who happens to be an Attorney,  and also a Supreme Grandmaster himself. Of course everyone must know, that I am talking about SGM Diony Canete. Who has confirmed every thing that I have stated all along. You can also see a letter that the Journales group sent to my Corporate Attorney, Amiel Wade. Who has stated to me that I have nothing to be concerned about regarding this so called cease and desist letter from the Journales group's so called Limited Law Paralegal/Attorney. Due to the fact that they have no grounds to stand on. I am the original Incorporator of WEKAF USA, Inc., and by NO means have I done anything illegal. They on the other hand must tread lightly. As they have broken many laws over the years. All of this along with more information will all come out and be known to everyone in the future...

This I can promise you....

And isn't it interesting that on Saturday, March 24, 2012, during the Golden Gate International & WEKAF National Tournament, that was held in San Francisco, CA at the Hyatt Regency Hotel we had an interesting vistitor. Would you believe that Mike Turk, himself came to our event. And I would like to quote what it is that he said to my wife Loretta Fydrych-Bandalan, Brent Cash, and John Cipkar. He said and I quote, " I don't like polotics. And I have come here to see all that is going on. And I want to show you( WEKAF USA & our tournament), my support. And all along he new about the letter that was sent to me .. But he still came out to show his support.. Which we welcomed him with open arms and thanked him for coming......   Now this is something for everyone to ponder over... 


Thank you,

GM Alfredo Bandalan


This is one reason why I don't get involved with a lot of the FMA organizations.. Over the years, several senior instructors and myself have been the focal point on one of the groups that we have had spent more than half of our lives supporting only to be thrown out like the bathwater.. I am affiliated with Nene Tortal's Dekiti Tirsia Siradas group now, as the group is like a family..

Years ago, I was invited to become the Marianas and Guam's WEKAF representative, even though I am not a doce pares practitioner, I received a letter of invitation from both Pat O'Malley (who is a close acquaintance in the FMA) and GM Canete, but I decided not to accept the position for personal reasons and conflicts with another FMA group that I was supporting..

I hope that the WEKAF USA group has a good future and progresses past the trials and tribulations of the current situation..

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